The Projet

Bloch 35 - To fall in love (again) in Tel Aviv

A Work of art - An ideal life style - Total perfection in one place

21 appartements de luxe en plein cœur de Tel Aviv
The highly prestigious residential building A boutique residence with only ten new housing units A beautiful balcony and private parking space for each apartment

The Location
An extraordinary location in the heart of Tel Aviv's quiet center, Schools and Cultural Centers, Recreational areas and facilities, Restaurants and Coffee Shops.

Zait-Lev Architects
ZTLV is guided by a belief in innovation and creativity that comes through in optimal service, continuous dialogue both within the firm and with the client, with an emphasis on economical and context-specific planning that merges with and contributes to the city.

Entertainment and shopping centers along with cultural centers within walking distance
Rabin Square, Kikar HaMedina, Dubnov Garden, Tel Aviv City Hall, Gan Hair, A.L. Zissu Garden, Cameri Theater, Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Germanis Garden, Art Museum Tel Aviv, Community Sport Center Remez Arlozorov 2 min away

בלוך 35 הדמיה של הבנין
David Bloch mayor of Tel Aviv in 1925-1928.
Born in the town Motele White Russia in 1884, he was sent to Israel in 1912 as a representative of Builders of Zion; he served as director of labor and head of the Land of Israel Workers' Fund.
As mayor, he took care of the disadvantaged in the housing sector health and education. Expanded the boundaries of the city to the north and saw the provision of plots tents and barracks dwellers who had no permanent housing.
He was elected as mayor because of the struggle free education for kinder garden children and schools.

The Location

An extraordinary location in the heart of Tel Aviv's quiet center, Schools and Cultural Centers, Recreational areas and facilities, Restaurants and Coffee Shops.


Main Technical Specifications

בלוך 35 הדמיה של הבנין
  • Wine cellar for tenants use
  • A designed lobby with high quality/specialize/modern casting and lighting
  • Electric blinds throughout the apartment, (except safe room)
  • Balcony in each apartment
  • Private parking in an underground car park
  • Complete thermal and acoustic isolation in each apartment
  • Hot water by central solar system
  • Electric passenger elevator to - 8 passengers
  • Beautifully-designed front door
  • Insulated or triplex windows in living room and bedrooms (except safe room)
  • Home entertainment system
  • Exceptionally designer luxury kitchens, from top-quality brands.
  • Caesar stone marble kitchen surface
  • Central air conditioning system
  • Granite porcelain floor tiles 80*80 / 90*90 in the entire apartment (except bathrooms)
  • Well-made doors in all bedrooms
  • Intercom system with color screen
  • Three-phase power
  • Hanging toilets with concealed cisterns
  • Wall cladding and lavish ceramic and/or porcelain flooring in bathrooms, (with your choice of an array of shades)
  • Quality designed faucets by GROHE

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